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Thanks for a new logo for our product; I'm so impressed with your creativity.

- Larry

Excellent job! The layout of magazine was fantastic. Graphics and fonts style are also really good. Thank you so much.

- Ebony

The brochure, we had received are amazing. You guys design such a great brochure. Such a nice brochure and those frame was really awesome.

- Gerald

Great job, on time and in budget. Really great. Thanks Nathan.

- Veronika

YOU ROCK!! Thanks… You guys did a fantastic job. I am very impressed with your layouts. Again thanks for your turnaround.

- Debbie


What is Desktop Publishing or DTP?

Desktop publishing, commonly known as DTP, is the most advanced method of computer technology used for publishing any kind of text material into forms such as books, magazines, and brochures. The process at various stages includes editing, designing, layout, and typesetting, using the computer and specific types of software to combine text and graphics. Specific Desktop publishing software such as QuarkXPress, and Adobe InDesign are used for such tasks.

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How is the business processed after outsourcing the work?

We analyze the client's requirement with sample if any, and specifications sent (in hard copy /soft copy) to us. The sample work done by us will be sent to the client for scrutiny. Once it is approved, the real work goes through the hands of our experienced and expert team of designers, typesetters, and proofreaders. The work will be reviewed by our Quality Control department at every stage in frequent intervals. After final auditing is done, the finished work will be dispatched to the client.

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What is the TAT (Turn around time) for the work?

Normally TAT is decided on the basis of the volume of work and the client's requirements. However, preference is given to the client.

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What type of work are we accepting at present?

Our work mainly involves type setting, designing, and lay-out of books, business cards, news papers, magazines, leaflets, and letter heads.

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What are the softwares that we generally use?

We use DTP softwares such as InDesign, Page Maker, Illustrator, Quark Express, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop etc.

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From which countries are we receiving works?

We do receive work mainly from countries like USA, Australia, UK, and other European countries.

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Are we receiving the work in hard copy or soft copy?

We are receiving the work in both hard copy as well as in soft copy.

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What is the core area of this type of services?

Designing is the core area of DTP services.

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What is the rate for our DTP Services?

Standard rate for DTP is US$ 5 per hour. Our Man Month Rate (MMR) is US$ 750. The price rates may change according to the requirement.

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Are we taking shipping charges or not?

Yes, we are taking shipping charges.

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Do we have any agreement?

Yes, we have our standard NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement.)

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What is our goal?

To add maximum number of clients to our business purview, and to increase our staff strength to maximum possible number by 2006 - 2007.

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What are the benefits of outsourcing this type of services?

These services are very cost effective; quality level is up to 99.995%; final corrections are minimal; and schedules are maintained. We can do printing work also, but projects are accepted only after taking into consideration the shipping cost also.

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